Kaoline MIDI default action mapping

ActionMidi messageChannel
Finger entering the tracking zone
Note OnTrack channel
Finger leaving the tracking zoneNote OffTrack channel
Finger moving toward or away from the Kaoline


Control-Expression (11)

Track channel
Finger moving on the Koaline plane
Pitch WheelTrack channel
Finger gliding with sustained velocity
Control-Modulation Wheel (1)
Track channel
Sustained joined finger (Combo)
Control-Effect 2 (14)
Track channel
Knob 2Control-Effect 1 (13)
Channel 1
Knob 3
Control-Channel Volume (7)
Channel 1

Kaolab product manuals

Kaoline Product Line Manual (to be release soon)


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Kaolab's Kaoline and MIDI MPE

MIDI MPE is an extension of the MIDI standards maintained by the MIDI Manufacturer association.

Kaoline uses its functionalities primarily to enabled atonal and aftertouch control of each note.

MIDI MPE unlocks tremendous expression capabilities for the musicians and producers 

but at the price of complexifying more or less the instrument configurations and the production workflows.

The level of MPE support by software varies greatly and is not homogenous.

To help harness the Kaoline full power, we provide here some instructions on how to use the Kaolab's instruments

with some of the best software and plugins around.


    Kaoline with Nektar BOLT

    Kaoline with Applied Acoustic  String Studio VS-3

    Kaoline with Daichi Laboratory Synth1 (Free plugin)

When software allows it, semitone rangesshould be set to 15.

This allows the frequency played to match Kaoline instrument's marking.

See the following references for more details: