Kaoline, MIDI MPE and Nektar BOLT

Developed by Nektar, the BOLT harmonic synthesizer is one of our favorite plugins.

It sounds awesome!

Although it does not support MIDI MPE explicitly, Its mindset goes with it nicely.

With just a few steps, it can be controlled by the Kaoline and make use of its extensive capabilities.


Assuming the Kaoline is used with default settings, apply the following steps to your BOLT patches

for maximum expressivity. Of course, adjust to your taste.

  • Create a single BOLT track that receives all midi channels.
  • Set "P-BEND" to 12 semitones.
  • Set "Aftertouch" to "Volume" and its value to 127.
  • Set OSC 1 and OSC 2 "Velocity" to 1.0.
  • Set "MOD WHEEL" to "Harm1" and its value to 127. This creates a harmonic boost on  Kaoline gliding.
  • Set Polyphone to 6. This lower CPU consumption