​​Kaoline, MIDI MPE and Synth1

Developed by Daichi Laboratory, Synth1 is an impressive FREE software synthesizer and

one of the most downloaded.

With just a few steps, it can be controlled by the Kaoline and make use of its extensive capabilities.


Assuming the Kaoline is used with default settings, apply the following steps

for maximum expressivity. Of course, adjust to your taste.

  • Create a patch using the following steps:
    • Set "Voice" to mono.
    • Set "p. b range" to 15.
    • Set "src1" to "chan. a touch" and select "-> EQ level", making sure the knob is maxed out.
    • Set "src2" to "#1: mod wheel" and select "-> Effect level", making sure the knob is maxed out.​
  • Create 4 tracks. Tracks must be assigned a single midi channel input going from 2 to 5. (Track 1 - Ch1, Track 2 Ch2, etc.)
  • Assign the Synth1 as the output of all created tracks.
  • Assign the patch created earlier to all instances of the Synth1. (for each channel)