​​​​Kaoline, MIDI MPE and String Studio VS-3

Developed by Applied Acoustics Systems, String Studio VS-3 is a finely crafted string sounds synthesizer. With some steps, it can be controlled by the Kaoline and make use of its extensive capabilities.


Assuming the Kaoline is used with default settings, apply the following steps

for maximum expressivity. Of course, adjust to your taste.

  • Create 4 Synth1 tracks. Tracks must be assigned a single midi channel input going from 2 to 5. (Track 1 - Ch1, Track 2 Ch2, etc.)
  • On the first track, access the "Setting" panel.
    • Set "Polyphony | Voice" to 4.
    • Set "Pitch Bend Range | Semitones" to 12.
    • Set "MIDI Control | Post-Effects Output Gain" to "11 Expression Controller" and make sure the box is checked.
    • Under "MIDI Controls Assignment", Click on "Save Current as Default".
    • Under "Setting", Click on "Save Current as Default".
  • Assign the same patch to all Synth1 instances. (for each channel)