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2018-10-15 After receiving a lot of well-thought feedback, the team is now working hard on integrating and tuning features into the first ever lineup of Kaoline instruments.

Kaoline technologies are covered by GRANTED patents, which includes wide coverage claims.

Those patents were written by a world-class IP law firm.

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2018-08-14 Kaoline prototypes have been presented for the first time at Summer NAMM 2018. The team is currently refining the instrument and aims at making it available to avant-garde artists in the next months.

Kaoline instruments


The Kaoline is a fretless polyphonic electronic instrument/midi controller. It is best described as a digital fretless bass or cello, although it differs in many aspects. Integrating a novel multi-finger tracking technology, it enables electronic performances of truly original natures. 

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Kaoline, a technical preview

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