Hami Monsarrat-Chanon has cumulated over 15 years of engineering experience within successful R&D teams of small organizations. He worked on various projects ranging from medical apparatus to utility instrumentation systems. In an ambitious startup project, he led the embedded software development team and acted as a Software Development Director toward the release of the award-winning CAN2go building control solutions. After a multinational had acquired the company, Hami looked for different types of challenges. He founded DigiAuxine inc. with the aim of developing disruptive life to computer interface technologies, such as the Koaline music instrument/controller and BioC Fusion, a software middleware for wearable and data-fusion oriented micro-devices. Never tired of learning about life mechanisms and audio technologies, Hami also spent a few years as a researcher within CRITIAS, a world-class research team working notably on bionic hearing technologies.



Hubert Chanon, a renowned violin and bow maker, studied violin and bow making/restoration in Lyons and New York. His workshop, The Atelier de Lutherie is established in Sherbrooke, Canada since 1986. Musicians from around the world own Chanon violin bows. (Canada, United-State, Japon, France, etc.)



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Based in Montreal, Canada, Kaolab Audio aims at developing new products for the electronic music industry. Kaolab Audio integrates different technologies powered by the BioniC Fusion engine, a one of its kind signal processing and generation engine built by DigiAuxine.

The first product born out of that technology is a musical instrument called Kaoline. This patented fusion instrumental concept integrates both a MIDI controller and a synthesizer.

Additional products are being designed at the moment, including software plug-ins, an effect pedal, and a standalone synthesizer.

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François-Xavier Delorme is a long time musician and technology enthusiast. He loves putting his brain to work on various kind of challenges, ranging from operational to research and development related topics. FX is also a trained and active professional in the domain of history studies as well as teaching.