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2019-03-29 Kaoline shines more than ever!


2017-05-31 - Project Kaoline to make its first public appearance at Midem 2017

Wearable Applications

BioniC Fusion is a full-geared plugin engine for signal-fusion centric systems such as body networks. Once integrated into wearable nodes, it provides the ability to customize on the fly their behaviors and interactions through scripting or graphical programming.

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BioniC Fusion, the game engine of wearables.

Kaoline shadow player

Music Applications

The team currently focus its energy on bringing a paradigm-shifting controller technology to the markets.  The Kaoline is a musical instrument and midi controller that is best described as an electronic fretless bass or cello. Integrating a novel multi-touch finger tracking technologies, it enables electronic performances of truly original natures.

The instrument integrates the BioC Fusion engine, which enables complete control over the produced audio and midi messages content.

2018-10-15 The team is working hard on integrating and tuning features into the first ever lineup of Kaoline instruments.

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DigiAuxine inc. is a Montreal-based company developing innovative technologies that target living to machine and machine to living interfacing applications.

 Kaoline latest details 


2018-06-07 - For the first time in North-America, DigiAuxine will be presenting the Kaoline instrument at Summer NAMM  2018. See us at Booth #1!

The Kaoline instrument: 

      a new sound, a new control, a new game